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4 Wild Seasons Pop Up Dining Experience #2

Friday 30th March. Headingley. 7pm start.
4 Wild Seasons is a year long project exploring the seasonal flavours of the landscape through a series of wild food themed pop up dining experiences.
5 courses. £45pp.  Limited places available.  To book email: or call 07899752447

4 Wild Seasons Pop Up #1:
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Wild Edible Plant Walk 18th March

Saturday 18th March. 

Wild Winter Edibles Walk, Pudsey, Leeds. 12pm - 4pm. 

A winter exploration of wild edibles.

This location is always one step ahead, wild garlic has been growing since the end of December 2017 and there are between 15 & 20 quality edibles awaiting discovery. On this course you'll learn how to safely identify, mindfully harvest, cook & preserve wild edible plants and herbs, including; foliage, shoots, roots & seeds. We'll collect a range of these edibles and incorporate them into a wild herb & smoked fish, miso broth cook up at the end - vegan option available. 
Wild spiced cake & drink refreshments also included. 
To book email: or call Craig on 07899752447. 
Adults £30. Student/Unwaged £20. Under 16's £7.50. Under 8's free.

4 Wild Seasons Launch

On, Saturday 17th February, 4 Wild Seasons ( hosted it's launch event in Leeds and the evening was a thorough success! Guests were treated to 5 courses of wild food themed, inspired and creative dishes, in a small but cosy venue in Headingley - the venue has a great ethic regarding food and atmosphere, sourcing dry freighted exotic goods such as their quality organic coffee and valuing the aspects of ethically and mindfully sourced with regards to other food and drink products; organic, local, seasonal and high welfare - right up my street!

The evening started with free complimentary drinks; Sea Buckthorn Juice Infused Prosecco and everyone getting to know each other through friendly chatter and introductions (purely of their own free will, there was no 'on the spot' get to know each other recommendations, just lovely people socialising). It was great to be asked questions by the guests regarding wild foods, where they came from, why…

4 Wild Seasons Pop Up Dining Experience Launch

Saturday 17th February. Headingley, Leeds. 7pm start.

4 Wild Seasons is a year long project exploring the seasonal flavours of the landscape through a series of wild food themed pop up dining experiences. 5 Courses. £40pp. Limited spaces available. To book email: or call 07899752447

Interview with Locavore Magazine

I was honoured to be asked by Locavore magazine to do an interview with them for their online content of the magazine. That interview is here: For those of you who haven't heard about Locavore magazine, it's only just released it's first publication, I've been lucky enough to read it via a pdf format and as my friend (and contributor to the first edition) Walter Lewis puts it "it oozes quality" and I wholeheartedly agree with him. I'll be subscribing to it at the end of this month. It's always tricky putting words down on paper, as once it's done and sent and published, it's done, I hope I do foraging, Locavore and myself justice

Fermented Japanese Quince Pickle

I love lime pickle but I love my Japanese Quince pickle even more! Lime pickle is great, it smacks your taste buds all over the place and I like that, it's salty, sour, tart, citrusy and then those spices come in to play with that amazing heat toward to the end. So after last years Japanese Quince harvest (end October, early November) an idea struck me, why not make a pickle akin to lime pickle, quince are tart and have that sour, citrus appeal but with a more delicious attitude, so I set about making one. After chopping and removing the seeds, I salted the quince to start a short fermentation process, I later added a range of spices and have left it alone ever since (well, not quite true, I have had a few sneak previews to taste how it's been getting along, who wouldn't and besides, I'm making it :) ). The initially hard quince have softened nicely and they have become beautifully infused with the spices while retaining that distinctive quince flavour and aroma. Ferme…