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Sunday 2nd July. Wild Food Forage. Roslin Glen Country Park. Edinburgh

Sunday 2nd July. Wild Food Forage. Roslin Glen Country Park, Edinburgh (EH25 9PY). 12 - 4pm. 
An exploration of seasonal wild edibles at this lovely location. We will look at a variety of tasty and useful plants, flowers, herbs in and along a variety of habitats including, meadow, hedgerow and waterside. We will look at safe identification and utilisation of our senses to assist in this important facet of foraging, discuss cooking/preserving/brewing techniques, mindful harvesting and the law. Includes wild snacks/drinks refreshments and alfresco cook-up using some of our foraged finds.
For more info or to book email: or call Craig on 07899752447

Adults £30. 8-16 yrs £5. Under 8's free.

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Sunday 9th July. Edible Seaweeds & Coastal Plants. Bamburgh. Northumberland.

Edible Seaweeds & Coastal Plants. Bamburgh, Northumberland. 10am - 3pm
Coinciding with the full moon for optimum low tides, we will start by exploring the seashore and rocky areas of Bamburgh Beach for the amazing array of edible seaweeds (10+ species) and shellfish, before heading into the sand dunes and around the castle to explore the edible coastal succulents and herbs and the poisonous plants too!
Includes beach cook up with our foraged finds at the end of the course, I'll bring along a range of seaweed based products and other items for adding to the cook up/sampling on the day.
Wild snacks/drinks refreshments are also included.

To book email: or call Craig on 07899752447

Adults £40. Children £15. Family ticket £90.

Hogweed Soup

Simply Spring! Delicious and nutritious all in approx 30 mins... Hogweed Soup w/ Few Flowered Leek Flower Heads & Primrose Blossoms - I added some wild garlic & few flowered leek foliage to the soup, alongside some other more familiar commercially available ingredients. There are some truly delicious spring herbs out there at the moment and they really do make meal times more divine. They taste far superior to the 'green' folks often think they taste. The myriad of different flavour profiles is really quite staggering, whether you are eating them alone as a simple steamed, buttered dish, combining to make the most amazing raw salad you will ever taste or infusing with more commercial ingredients. These plants are the ancestors of each and every commercially grown fruit and vegetable you see and eat, there is a very deep, natural and ancestral link with them (it's nothing to be wary or cautious of and it's not hippy-dippy-far-out-shit either) and only when you t…

Cep Soup with Pancetta, Fresh Sliced Cep Cap & Thyme

This dish is exceptional. The fresh cep adds a great texture/flavour contrast to that of the 'souped' ceps, while the pancetta adds texture n a saltiness to the creamy backdrop of the soup.                  


500ml Homemade Stock
1kg Older Softer Ceps,
Large Onion, finely chopped
3 Garlic, finely chopped
100g Pancetta 
150ml double Cream
25g Unsalted Butter 
1 Tsp Oil
Small fresh young cep sliced
Thyme finely chopped
Fresh Black Pepper  


1) Heat the butter/oil gently, add the onion, sweat gently for 5-6 mins, add the older ceps, sweat 3-4 mins, add garlic, sweat for 2 mins more, add the stock and bring to a very gentle simmer. 

2) Once simmering, remove from heat add cream, pepper and blend/blitz - the larger ratio of ceps to stock should give a thickish, viscousy consistency - put to one side. 

3) In the meantime, fry the pancetta and cook until golden-brown and slightly crispy, drain on kitchen roll to remove excess fat. Ladle soup into bowls, add young sli…

Creamy Girolles a la Forestiere

First time I made this was with an old friend & her children in Applecross in Scotland. It was the first time I'd found Chanterelles and I was in my mushroom infancy. Wild Food by Roger Philips went  everywhere with me and it was that recipe in that book that I then replicated - it went down a treat with everyone. Here's a version of that recipe:


Fresh Chanterelles
Streaky Bacon (at least one smoked rasher!)
Double Cream
Dried Pepper Dulse
Bulrush Pollen


1) Wash & chop potatoes, place in a pan of salted boiling water, simmer until tender, remove and set to one side.

2) Chop the bacon into strips and put in pan with the chopped onion, fry until onion is soft and cooked.

3) Add the chanterelles & potatoes, cook for 6-7 mins or until most of the liquid exuded from the chanterelles has begun to receed, add the garlic, cook 2 mins more, add the cream, chopped spignel & crushed pepper dulse, turn up the h…