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Juniper - A Day In The Mountains, Months In The Making...

Foraging doesn't get much more hardcore than
climbing halfway up the side of a mountain in early winter in order to obtain your desired pickings and my recent trip to the Lake District saw me doing just that. My quarry, wild Juniper!

My first encounter with wild Juniper was back in 2010, on the very same mountainside I recently visited in the Lake District.
A low level mountain walk, coupled with introducing a friend to the delights of the Cumbrian Fells, resulted in the discovery of a small forest of Juniper trees, a pleasing encounter. I recall picking a small handful of those purple, black, aromatic berries, receiving many a spiked needle in my fingers while doing so, and eventually savouring their culinary attributes, mainly in the form of wild game dishes, hearty stews and the odd pickling experiment. Prior to that visit in 2010, my first encounter with Juniper was via a sketch in Monty Pythons' 'The Life of Brian', those of you who have seen the film will rememb…
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Rosehip, Apple and Blackberry Soup

I was mooching around the house today and felt the desire and need for comfort food. I popped out to check the freezer and discovered a bag of frozen Rosehips, a mix of our native hip, Canina Rosa aka the Dog Rose and the introduced Asian species, Rosa rugosa, the much plumper and tastier Japanese Rose. Keeping the Rosehips company was a bag of frozen Blackberries & knowing that I had a bag of beautiful apples, a mix of eaters and cookers (thank you Andrea Barbel) Blackberry & Apple Crumble with Creme Anglaise (posh and proper custard) sprang to mind, as did Rosehip Soup or Nyponsoppa as it's called in Sweden (I believe the Swedes thicken the soup using potato or other flour, I prefer not to).

I prepared the crumble ingredients first, cooking the apple & blackberries in a little water to soften them slightly before making my crumble topping to adorn the fruit. After draining the cooked fruit I was left with a small amount of liquid, I considered turning that into a jel…

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of free food this festive season. Edible Leeds Gift Vouchers are now available (they're
always available). Foraging is a great way to unwind, get outdoors, have fun and connect with the seasonal rhythms and ourselves. Wild foods are all around us, it's about knowing what, when and where to look for them. Whether it be foraging for plants, fungi & seaweeds, a family day out, cheese making, creating foraged cocktails, a preserving workshop, or a wild dining experience in the woodlands or on the beach, Edible Leeds run a wide range of wild food themed events and courses in Yorkshire and around the UK, so there will be something to suit all.
Learn how to forage safely, confidently, happily & feed yourselves.

Vouchers start at £30, are valid for 1 year & can be used as part or full payment on a range of courses.
Actual event prices vary depending on content, location and duration.
Please note that vouchers are not redeemable on some collaborative events.

Quince Quince Glorious Quince...

My first encounter with Japanese Quince was as a child. There was a particular house, with a low-down brick wall bordering its garden and each year it would produce these small green fruits (as you will soon learn, I never actually saw them ripen!), I thought they were a strange species of lime and they were great for random acts of mischief; if only I'd known and if only I'd cared!

Japanese Quince - Chaenomeles japonica - are one of several species of ornamental quince in the family, Rosaceae. They're much smaller than the pear shaped quince - Cydonia oblonga - that grow on trees.They're generally found randomly tucked away in suburban gardens or as border and screen plantings in and around municipal buildings and their grounds; though not solely and exclusively at these aforementioned locations. Regardless of where they reside, providing there is no risk of contamination, to stumble upon a decent crop of ripe n ready quince, is in my opinion an absolute joy, a total b…

The Magic of Mushrooms at Salvos

Sunday 29th October. 11am - 8pm.

Wild fungi or mushrooms out-number our wild plants at a ratio of 6:1, that's a lot of mushrooms... If you've ever wanted to pick your own edible mushrooms and/or been interested in learning more about the amazing organisms of the 5th kingdom, then this event will tick your boxes.

The day will begin at 11am with a 3-4 hour foray searching for and looking at a range of edible, medicinal, useful, toxic and bizarre species of wild fungi. Once the foray is finished, you will then have time to head home, grab a cuppa and get changed before heading down to Salvos: in Headingley for a 3 course wild mushroom dinner starting at 6pm (even dessert will have a mushroom theme...).

Fungi are more closely related to animals than they are plants and it was long believed that they were
in the plant kingdom, more specifically, cryptogams, non-flowering, spore dropping organisms like mosses and ferns, that was until the 1980's when it …