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5 Fantastic Recipes For Spring

Last year, I unfortunately missed out on an opportunity to contribute a recipe for the Forage London site, hosted and run by the very passionate wild food enthusiast and all round lovely guy, John Renston. John kindly emailed me earlier this year asking would I like to contribute a recipe this time round - absolutely I would! John has put together a super blog this month featuring 5 stunning recipes, by John, fellow foragers, Mark Williams, Peter Studzinski and myself. To view the recipes just click on the link: While there check out the rest of Johns site, some great stuff to peruse.

Wild Garlic - Allium ursinum

Spring awakens, albeit slowly, but slowly is one of the ways of nature. A time of re-birth, new beginnings, longer days, wildlife migrations & when nutrient rich plants begin to stir from their wintry slumber. Wild Garlic is one of Springs earliest wild green visitors & one of my favourites - I love to pick the fresh young leaves as I walk along and nibble on them, savouring their sweet, pungent & powerful flavour, delighting in their warm oils as they coat my mouth & tongue, making them tingle; the joys of sensory delight! Ramsons appear, prior to foliage emering on deciduous trees thus enabling this clever and adaptive plant to take advantage of early spring sunshine - and who doesn't like to do that...

Gentle ambling and careful observation will enable you to focus & zone in. Look in warmer, sunnier, sheltered locations for signs of early growth. You'll find some patches are in a more advanced state of growth, whereas others are just poking through the …