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Give the gift of free food to loved ones this festive season. Edible Leeds Gift Vouchers are now available (they're always available). Foraging for wild edible foods is a natural, innate and empowering practice. Take more control over your food choices, save money, spend quality time outdoors, improve your health, connect with the natural world and it's rhythms and cycles.... The range of wild edibles available to us in the UK, is absolutely staggering, it's about knowing what to look for and where. Edible Leeds run a wide range of wild food themed events and courses in Yorkshire and around the UK, so there will be something to suit all.
Learn how to forage safely, confidently, happily & nourish yourselves.
To order gift vouchers email: or call Craig on 07899752447.
All vouchers are valid until 31.12.17. If you would like to discuss obtaining vouchers for larger groups/private events email: or call Craig on 07899752447. Hap…