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Anglesey Forage Weekend. July 2017

Part 1. Saturday 22nd July.
There are many fantastic locations around the UK for foraging - I'll not delve into all those but I'll write a little something up at a later date - and whether you choose to start on your doorstep (always a good place), head to the woods, meadows and waste grounds, eventually, hopefully, you will explore the joys of coastal foraging. For me, personally, all foraging has it's place. I generally avoid pinning myself to 'favourites', as all aspects of foraging have something to offer and coastal, avoiding favouritism here, has a certain air of 'special' about it. I wrote a bit of info in the, introduction, on my coastal recipes page, you can read that here:

Anglesey has an energy, allure and delight that just appeals to the visitor, whether you are there for adventure, relaxation, nature immersion, history, culture, or whatever. In the spring of 2016…