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"Going on a Wild Walk with Craig to discover edible food in the hedgerows and fields is an absorbing and fascinating experience. I had no idea so much out there could be eaten safely. Craig has a vast knowledge but imparts it in a very interesting and light hearted way. He is careful of health and safety issues and is very professional but at the same time friendly. He also e mailed a recipe of particular interest within a few days of the walk which was impressive. I would definitely go on another walk with him" (Caroline Marler)

Press release for Harrogate Autumn Flower Show 2015:

" Hello Craig! We just want to say thank you so much for a wonderful woodland walk in Gledhow Valley woods today. Our growers who came along have given fantastic feedback and we truly all had a really wonderful time. Your enthusiasm is contagious!! Thank you so much for the new taste sensations and the tips on picking safely as well as inspired ways of preparing the edibles we found. It has helped us look at our local woodland in a new way and see more than the just the beauty. We had a great time and cant wait to come on another walk! Cheers me dear! You are indeed geni of the woodland! All the best from all of us Back to Fronters!" (Back to Front Community Project)

Leeds-List Article 2015:

Bushcraft UK Review of Edible Leeds 2014:

"I did a recent Spring Wild Food Walk with Craig and really enjoyed it. I have never done anything like this before and it was the perfect introduction. Craig was a great teacher and had a relaxed informal manner of teaching which made it very easy to learn, especially as he managed to tailor information to meet the groups specific interests. There was just the right amount of information delivered in a way that was easy to understand without being overloaded. I would recommend this to anyone with an interest in the outdoors, and will definitely be going back!" (Laura Robinson)

Leeds-List Article on Edible Leeds 2014:
Leeds-List mini-article on Edible Leeds:

Yorkshire Evening Post, Edible Leeds mention: … Little article written by Al Mullin who attended the Lake District foraging weekend with myself and the Field Studies Council (FSC) at their Blencathra Centre (

"I've been on two walks with Craig now and I'll keep going back. His passion for the topic of edibles and vast depths of knowledge will have you feeling engaged and learning whether you're a novice or advanced foragers. I can highly recommend spending a couple hours outside absorbing the environment through his instruction. Totally worth it. Plus the biscuits.... Ommm nom nom nom " (Angela Cook)

"Had a fantastic time on the fungal forage today. The walk was very well organised and Craig was teeming with knowledge. The group was friendly, the harvest was plenty and cooking the mushrooms was the perfect end to the walk. I was a complete beginner but left feeling confident I can now go out and forage I would highly recommend this walk to anyone with a passion for the outdoors and shrooooms!!" (Michelle Barrett)

"Really enjoyed the edible fungi walk in Otley today. Thanks for all the top tips on fungal foraging, we have an amazing risotto this evening with the hedgehog mushrooms we picked during the walk." (Fran Hooley)

 ''Highly recommend a Wild Food Walk – makes a walk in the countryside take on a whole new dimension. Craig’s knowledge and enthusiasm abounds and makes one want to find out more about the foods for free on our doorstep.  Looking forward to my next walk in the wild with Edible Leeds”  (Brenda Doyle)

"A fabulous walk with a very knowledgeable guide. Really taught me some great things about wild food and my son can't stop talking about it. Will be booking myself onto one of Craig's other walks very soon. Thank you once again." (Dan & Zac Shaffrey - Ibex Trex Walking Holidays)

"I really enjoyed the foraging event at Meanwood Valley Farm and learned loads. It gave me much more confidence to go out and look for wild food and the recipes that we made and tried were delicious. Now I've been on an Autumn walk I'm looking forward to trying another one in spring!"(Jayne Learoyd)

"Dear Craig, thank you for such a great day.It was interesting to learn more about plants we see all the time and what they can be used for. I enjoyed eating the green salad in particular, something i never dared before but now hope to do so again soon." (Sally Morgan)

"The forage walk we did with Craig from Edible Leeds more than met our expectations. Craig has a great depth of knowledge about wild food & wild mushrooms & has great enthusiasm for the subject. It made us realise all the wild foods we had been walking straight past. Also, the outdoor cook up of some of our mushroom finds was the icing on the cake. I'd wholeheartedly recommend one of his walks as a great way to get back to nature." (Simon Bates)


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Nettle, Wild Garlic and Ground Elder Soup

It's officially Spring, a time of new beginnings, longer daylight hours (yeeha!) and powerful, nutritious herbs. This recipe is one I first made a number of years back, at my first ever food festival - I had a 30 minute slot, so needed something quick easy and representative of some of the tasty, nutritious and powerful herbs available - it's a recipe that I've tweaked over the years and recent tweaks have left me feeling very satisfied with the results and those who have shared a bowl or two with me. The great joy of this soup, other than it's delicious and satisfying taste, is the ease of identification of the wild ingredients, the very small quantities required and the simplicity regarding the cooking. This isn't just a 'simply green tasting soup', this is wild gourmet food at it's simplest and finest.


75g Nettle Tops
75g Wild Garlic
35g Ground Elder
2 Onions
5 Garlic Cloves
1 - 2 Tbsps Fermented Brown Rice Miso Paste
2 - 3 Tbsps Coconut…

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My first encounter with Japanese Quince was as a child. There was a particular house, with a low-down brick wall bordering its garden and each year it would produce these small green fruits (as you will soon learn, I never actually saw them ripen!), I thought they were a strange species of lime and they were great for random acts of mischief; if only I'd known and if only I'd cared!

Japanese Quince - Chaenomeles japonica - are one of several species of ornamental quince in the family, Rosaceae. They're much smaller than the pear shaped quince - Cydonia oblonga - that grow on trees.They're generally found randomly tucked away in suburban gardens or as border and screen plantings in and around municipal buildings and their grounds; though not solely and exclusively at these aforementioned locations. Regardless of where they reside, providing there is no risk of contamination, to stumble upon a decent crop of ripe n ready quince, is in my opinion an absolute joy, a total b…

Pheasant and Wild Garlic Dolmades

I should really call this 'when opportunity knocks'! There are moments when opportunities arise while out and about, it's all about good fortune, random happenings, destiny (however you like to call it) and whether or not to act on the opportunities presented - when it comes to road-kill pheasant, I'm always happy to swing with the opportunity. This recent RTA bird was initially destined to become 'Pheasant Kiev'. However, while out early yesterday morning to pick the wild garlic required, my mind drifted and happened upon another idea I've had for a while, a take on Dolmades - this was in part due to the terrific size of some of the leaves I was finding, they were perfect for wrapping into mouth watering parcels and a bit of fun too.

The following recipe made 8 dolmades and there is still enough mixture left over for at least 6 more - I should have picked more leaves! It's a flavour fusion reminiscent of the Mediterranean, North Africa and the UK.