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Wild Food Foraging Courses & Events 2017 


Sunday 4th. Wild Food Walk. Barnoldswick, Lancashire. 10am - 2/3pm. An exploration of seasonal wild edibles. This walk will take place around Cow Pasture Lane and Weets Springs. We will look at safe identification and utilisation of the senses to assist in this important facet of foraging, discuss cooking/preserving techniques, mindful harvesting and the law. Includes wild snacks/drinks refreshments and an alfresco cook-up using some of our foraged finds.  For more info or to book email: or call Craig on 07899752447 Adults £30. 8-16yrs £5. Under 8's free.

Sunday 18th. Wild Food Walk. Kirkstall. 12 - 4pm. An exploration of seasonal wild edibles at this lovely location. We will look at a variety of tasty and useful plants, flowers, herbs in and along a variety of habitats including, meadow, hedgerow and waterside. We will look at safe identification and utilisation of our senses to assist in this important facet of foraging, discuss cooking/preserving/brewing techniques, mindful harvesting and the law. Includes wild snacks/drinks refreshments and an alfresco cook-up using some of our foraged finds. For more info or to book email: or call Craig on 07899752447. Exact location details will be sent out on confirmation of booking and 3 days prior to event. Adults £30. 8-16 yrs £5. Under 8's free.

Thursday 22nd. Private event Scotland.

Sunday 25th. Fermentation Workshop. Jupiter Artland. Wilkieston, Edinburgh. Fermentation is an ancient practice used to extend the shelf-life of foods and drinks and are hugely beneficial for health. The day will involve a wild food walk in the grounds of Jupiter Artland, looking at a range of wild plants that can be fermented. More commercially available foods will also be explored during the workshop. On returning from the walk you will prepare a range of ferments including; lacto-fermentation, kombucha, kimchi, kefir. Each person will take home a range of these ferments. Booking and other info: 


Saturday 1st: Wild Food Forage Lake District

Sunday 2nd: Private Event, Scotland.

Monday 3rd: Private Event, Scotland.

Monday 17th. Private Chefs Event. Exploring the local, seasonal, wild edibles.

5 minute walk from campsite
22nd and 23rd July. Anglessey. A celebration of all aspects of foraging on the beautiful island of  Anglessey. I'll be co-hosting alongside Jesper Launder Over the course of the weekend we will explore a range of wild edibles in various habitats around the island We will run sessions on plants, herbs seaweeds, fish, shellfish, fungi etc. A private evening charter boat has been booked for Saturday. We will be based at:  (it's a cracking location with stunning views across to Snowdonia and a cracking beach just 5 mins away - see image) and we have hired a communal yurt space for socialising, relaxing in and hosting demonstrations. All aspects of edible and medicinal foraging including how to safely identify, mindfully harvest, prepare, cook, create etc. There will be practical sessions on prepping/curing fish with infused salts/sugars and wild seeds, foraged cocktail making, communal cooking/dining involving seaweeds, fish, plants, herbs, vegetables and hopefully fungi.
Prices for the event are as follows: Saturday £130 (includes a late evening private charter boat sea fishing experience!), Sunday £100. Both days £210. To book email: 

Thursday 27th. Mondo Piccolo at Salvos: The Magic of Seaweed. A talk and tasting session on the culinary, nutritional and medicinal aspects of seaweeds.
Tasting dishes will include; foraged miso soup, mackerel ceviche on sea noodles and other tasty and
exciting seaweed products...

For more information and to book visit:




Sunday 8th. The Magic of Fungi: An autumn fungi foray followed by a sit down meal at Salvos in Headingley. More details soon. Link to Salvos here:



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